Have you ever seen hermit crabs mating?

yesterday after my shoredive with susann i saw two hermitcrabs doing „something“. well the bigger one was out and holding the smaller one which was not visible to me. around the shells i saw whiteish/transparent foam which i now researched to be sperma or however a biologist would call it. i couldnt help talking the camera and make some super close-ups from the two. i left them alone for a while and checked on them from time to time. it was going on for at least an hour. as susann who, was diving with me, is a biology teacher i showed the scenery to her and she confirmed it as a mating.

after 30 min the came loose again and the smaller hermit crab was visible, at least the front arms/claws. just have a look at the pictures and enjoy. for a while i thought they are fighting for the shell, but after my research i am a 100% sure it was a mating.

oh btw. hermit crabs are peeper, i caught some watching the szene from the shades under the plants – unfortunately not very good to see on the pictures (5 & 6) – the ones who wanted to join the game did not dare to get close because i was spoiling it… sorry guys